Sunday, July 18, 2010

Making Money is Easy

Earning prosperity is easier than you can imagine. Conditioned as you are to hard work and effort, having more money can easily get mixed up with doing more work. But the truth is that most folks are working too hard to ever get rich. All that stress and strain only sends the wrong signal. That is because individuals don't move money--teams do.
No one makes money alone. People rarely earn as much as they should because they are unconsciously pushing away the people who could help them succeed. In the service economy, your mood is your money. But most people have never learned to discipline their thinking, feeling and sensations. So they unknowingly turn off the very people they need. Until you can enroll people with the lightness of your being, you will be stuck on the treadmill of hard work for low pay.
You can learn to discipline your moods if you really want to. By cultivating an aura of appreciation you can begin to attract wonderful people into your business and your life. With good feedback you can notice how your words, actions, and feelings are impacting other people.
Most people assume that their people skills are good. They can be charming when they want to, so they fail to notice all the times they tell bad stories and say things that put people off. People are typically nice to people they think can help them, and not so kind to people further down the pecking order. We are wonderful when we are getting our way, and horrible when we don’t. But when you can consistently win the trust of other people you automatically create a better cash flow. When you constantly emanate warmth and consideration for others, people are drawn to be around you. They want to earn you money.
Kindness and respect are innate qualities. You were born loving and generous. Unfortunately we all learned some really poor social habits over our lifetime. When you speak, you reveal layers of cultural prejudice. Your opinions make you come off as mean spirited and judgmental. The ‘harmless’ bits of gossip you share broadcast your low social status. Every time you devalue another person, you diminish your own value in the eyes of your community. Money gets harder and harder to come by.
The moment you drop petty whining, blaming and complaining, you automatically shift back into your true nature, which is delightful. The false friends who commiserated with you begin to drift away, and you begin to attract productive, protective people. Over time you build a web of wonderful people who respond to your basic decency by trying to make your life better.
People want to know what they have to do to earn money doing what they love. But the first step to success is realizing how you have to be, so that you can find your place in the economic hierarchy.
When I was young I could see what was wrong with everyone and everything. But when I matured, I put away youthful folly. Over time I learned to dissolve my smug arrogance and surrender my will into the flow of humanity. As I learned to assist other people, my own fortunes improved radically. I was lucky to find tough-minded coaches and mentors who gave me the feedback I needed so that I could become aware of my negative influence.
Your friends probably aren’t clear with you about how you come across to other people. We hate criticism, but we all crave honest feedback so we can stop sabotaging our own careers. Yet, only a few people are ready to hear the truth that will set them free financially. It is for that elite group that we created the Millionaire Month. If you are ready to face the music and do whatever it takes to transform yourself into millionaire material, we want to invite you to apply for this ultimately intensive business training.