Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Get Rich Slow--and Easy

Moving money is easier than you think. Cash flows constantly and consistently in the direction of value. The more you value other people, the more money flows in your direction.

Unfortunately people tend to devalue others. They hold negative feelings and opinions that they experience as painful pressure in their bodies and angry notions in their minds. Then they spread their dis-ease through gossip and slander. We have all been guilty of saying bad things about the boss, or of disparaging former partners.

Fortunately you can turn things around in a heartbeat. The moment you transform your heart and mind from negative (holding pain) to positive (enjoying pleasure) you transform your career into a money magnet.

Just the act of choosing goodwill toward others is enough to reverse the flow of money and bring renewed financial success. When you practice the art of loving protection you automatically repel poverty-minded people and attract the kind of people who are devoted to enriching your life.

Lightening up your heart and earning the respect of the marketplace is as simple as relinquishing your convictions against others and dropping your case against people. The instant you free productive people from your mental prison, they transform from frogs into princes—just like in the ancient myths.

You don’t have to “do” anything to start money moving in your life. By just being lighter you find yourself invited into a world of productivity and pleasure, where people are delighted to pay you just for performing the activities you most enjoy.